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Our service includes

  • Cost estimate
  • Technical project planing
  • Form finding
  • Static calculation
  • Building physics consulting
  • Mounting with accessories

Flontex, specialist for EFTE-films

offers planning, manufacture and execution of

  • ETFE Cushions air-supported
  • ETFE Constructions single layer
  • ETFE Films in frames or stretchers
  • ETFE Foils printed & ornaments
  • ETFE Lightweight and transparency
  • ETFE Films for greenhouses
  • ETFE Clamping/fixing profiles
  • ETFE Foils fabricated for industrial purposes
  • Blower and accessories for ETFE cushion constructions
  • Sports and recreation
  • Industrial builings
  • Shopping center
  • Atrium roofs in hospitals and care facilities
  • Transparent facade
  • Skylights and rooflights

Machines for the processing and finishing of ETFE films - Welding of ETFE films

ETFE films are joined by contact welding: the welds are about 10 mm wide. Our modern welding systems and tools enable the assembly of form-accurate ETFE foil fields. Rim bags with piping, reinforcements, or even radii can be welded at the highest quality.

YouTube Video by Flontex

Continuous belt circulating welding machine


Continuous belt circulating welding machine
Continuous belt circulating welding machine

Continuous belt circulating welding machine

  • Welding seam width 13 mm
  • Curve and lineararn without needles
  • Table assembly workings 6/9/12 meters
  • 230 V. 50 Hz, compressed air: 6 bar
  • Heating up to 320 °C, integrated cooling bars
  • Controlled feed speed
  • Welding time approx. 40 - 60 sec./ meter

Material Processing:

  • ETFE films, also multi-layered
  • Sun-screens

Beam impulse welding machine

  • Welding seam width 15 mm
  • Working width 500 mm / 2,000 mm
  • Adjustment function
  • Preset controller for time welding & cooling
  • 380 V . 50 Hz, air pressure 6 bar
Beam impulse welding machine
ETFE welding machine

ETFE welding machine

Ideal for hem, reinforcement and piping.

Material Processing:

  • ETFE foils
  • Multi-layered steps
  • Sun-Screens
  • Silicon-glass fabric

Hand welding equipment - Impulse technology

Ideal for repair and rework

  • Weld seam width 13 mm
    Contact width 120 mm
  • Preset controller for time welding & cooling
  • 380 V . 50 Hz
ETFE-Hand welding equipment - Impulse technology

Mounting-systems and clamping profiles for ETFE designs

Flontex offers you a variety of profiles, accessories, technical advice, technical planning or ready-to-install solutions for your project.

ETFE profile system

Waterproof profile system for multi-layered ETFE constructions

ETFE edge detail

ETFE Edge detail with tensioning strip

Single layer ETFE film in a circulating drainage channel

Single layer ETFE film in a circulating drainage channel

ETFE Frame construction with rope support

ETFE Frame construction with rope support

ETFE support system for single-layer constructions

ETFE support system for single-layer constructions

ETFE support-system node

ETFE support-system node

ETFE-Foils printed

To give a first impression of the variety of designs we've drawn some of our printed films. To enlarge click on a pattern.
Our sample services provides you with the opportunity to direct several films keep "in your hands". To get a better idea about the nature and quality of our products. Please contact us and we will immediately send you the desired pattern.
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ETFE cushion roof


  • Sun shade printings, grafic printings
  • Easy to repair
  • Almost unlimited life
  • Very good acoustics

Main advantages of this execptional material

  • Highly transparent
  • Ultraviolet permeable and resistant (greenhouses / ideal for plants)
  • Many design possibilities through shaping, printing and lighting (LED)
  • Light weight
  • Robust, tear resistant, elastic
  • Weather-resistant, also hail-proof
  • Self-cleaning (require no expensive roof-mounted systems for cleaning)
  • Usable in wide temperature ranges
  • Non-combustible (film melts without dripping)
  • Heat insulating

Design and fabrication capabilities

Due to the almost unlimited possibility of shaping architectural structures can be realized, which would not be possible with other materials. For example, large elements are possible, which could not be implemented with glass. Here, the low weight of the film is crucial.

The films can be printed in almost any way, and therefore more even color. Printed films can also be used for shading. Similarly, crystal clear films are possible. It is also possible to equip the ETFE foil cushions with LED elements permanently and to create unique, even controllable lighting effects.

U-Value K-Wert
Clear ETFE film cushions allow you to look thrue and isolate
Frame systems with ETFE films are cost-effective and lightweight

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